Stake Holders
Member of SKDRDP Self-help groups and their family members, staff members of SKDRDP and Shree Kshethra Dharmasthala Institutions and their family members between age of 3 Months to 79 years, Maximum 6 members in one registration can register under the scheme for 12 months commencing from 1st April, to be renewed every year by paying specified subscription. The family will be given the membership certificate to be preserved and produced to the hospitals whenever they require admission and treatment under credit billing facility.
Suraksha Division
Every year during February-March field staff of SKDRDP will register the members to the scheme and collect the subscription on behalf of the SHG’s. Subscribers record is maintained in the Sampoorna Suraksha Division. Arrangements are made for providing treatment under credit billing facility at designated net-work hospitals. Credit billing treatment claims from hospitals are verified and submitted by the division to the Insurance Company.
Insurance Company
Insurance partner will verify the claims reffered by SKDRDP and recognized by Insurance company.
Network Hospitals
Medical service providers to the members of Sampoorna Suraksha programme under credit billing facility.

The following public sector Insurance companies are providing insurance coverage to the members of this scheme.

  1. National Insurance Co. Ltd. Manglore Division
  2. New India Assurance Co. Ltd. Manglore Division
  3. Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. Manglore Division
  4. United India Insurance Co. Ltd. Manglore Division

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