1. Yearly Contribution from the members are collected along with the weekly savings of the members of the Self-help group so that it does not strain the finance of the family.
  2. In a single member family, he/she can get cashless treatment to the maximum of Rs. 10,000/-. For more members in the family cover under the programme, increases by Rs.10,000/- per member. The coverage is on floater basis in multiples of Rs.10,000 per person up to maximum 6 members of a family.
  3. Any one member of the family can avail the benefit for any one ailment to the extent of maximum limit available to the family.
  4. Medical treatment is made available on credit billing facility in well equipped hospitals with modern amenities, recognized by SKDRDP as network hospitals.
  5. Partial Permanent disability compensation ranging from Rs. 5000/- to Rs. Rs. 10,000/- .
  6. Hospitalization expenses for maternity will be paid for the first two deliveries at Rs. 3500/- for normal and Rs. 8500/- for caesarian delivery.

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