Sampoorna Suraksha Group Health Inusrance Programme is a unique initiative of SKDRDP® a large sized NGO based out of Dharmasthala, the abode of Lord Manjunatha Swamy and managed by Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, a visionary of our times.

SKDRDP, a last mile delivery institution in the financial inclusion sector, has been working on deepening the reach of the insurance sector for over a decade now. Normally poor people are unaware of insurance schemes. They are not far sighted to invest in insurance products. Therefore when a calamity strikes such families, in the form of death of the earning member or major ailments for the family members, all the earnings and the savings of such families are swallowed by the calamity, to leave the family once again with absolute poverty. SKDRDP has been working with the poor since 1991 and felt the need to protect the beneficiary families against unforeseen ailments. In this regard initially a small contributory welfare fund was established which covered the hospitalisation expenses of the SHG member only to the extant of maximum of Rs. 5000 only. Soon the SHG members realised that such help can be very useful. Going forward SKDRDP in the year 2004 first conceived of an insurance product for covering hospitalisation expenses of the Self Help Group members and their family members promoted by SKDRDP.As on now the Hospitalization benefit is Rs 10000 per head in floater basis. Under this programme the Self Help Group member contributes a definite annual subscription which is pooled and used as an insurance premium for a group policy covering the members.

Annual subscription is based on the premium quoted by insurance company for providing health cover. For the financial year 2018-19 the tariff is Rs.480/- per members.

Any request for hospitalisation is processed, and instant decision given by a team of experts under the supervision of the insurance officials, is conveyed to the hospitals (preauthorization)for extended cashless treatment on the basis of credit billing to the patient.

The Claims of medical treatment given to the members on credit bill basis are submitted by the hospitals are processed and sanctioned by the insurance.

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